Ever have one of those moments? You're rushing around, trying to throw your electronics and such into a backpack or satchel, and there it is.... the slip of your fingers on your most important thing: your hard drive that holds all of your data. In a slow motion gasp of horror, your external hard drive that contains your latest video project, photos of your kids, and tax records backup, crashes to the ground and explodes into a bunch of tiny pieces. So many of us have shared that iconic moment- the heart stopping millisecond where we have both the sense of hope that everything will be all right, and the exact opposite feeling that problems have entered your life.

Hard drives can be a blessing and a curse for just this reason. Over the years we can continually count on storage prices going down, amount of storage in a single device going up, and the amount of data we need to save increasing at multiples of which we used to use. A 40 MB hard drive (yes, megabyte!) cost $1000 back in 1991. At the time, people thought they were set for life when they made that investment. Oh, how little they knew. Programs became more sophisticated, churning out larger and larger files, enabling users to do things that were considered "futuristic", just a short time before. Soon enough, in 2023, you could buy a 16 TB (yes, Terabyte) hard drive for way less than we'd ever imagined.

The prices may have come down, and the storage sizes may have gone up, but problems with hard drives have always been the same. They are fragile pieces of equipment, and need to be taken care of carefully. Services have thrived just due to fixing, or even attempting to fix broken hard drives from falls, water damage, fire damage, and even just broken heads. Not to mention that theft of hard drives has always been an issue- it's the easiest way to get a person's data and exploit them.

Enter the Amber X, the hard drive that wears a superhero cape! To start, Amber X doesn't have a traditional hard drive, it uses an integrated SSD. "Solid State Drives" have incredibly high uptime rates, save on energy, are much quieter, and are super reliable. The best thing about Amber X? You never have to bring it with you. You can leave your Amber X at home on a desk, a high shelf, a cabinet, wherever you like. Access your Amber X anywhere you have an internet connection. At school and left your homework on it? You can access it. At the office and left a spreadsheet on your Amber? You can access it. In Ireland taking pictures of a castle? Your photos backup to your Amber right away, as long as you have an internet connection!

What's more, you can setup sharing to friends and family, just as you would a cloud. you can even give people their own space to store data on your Amber X. You can't exactly share your external hard drive, can you?

Privacy is at the forefront of an Amber X, allowing full encryption to your files. We take privacy seriously, and want to give you a choice of where to store your data- away from big corporations that can abuse the data that you store on their cloud systems. When you have an external hard drive, how many of you actually go through the encryption process? If someone gets access to your drive, they can likely easily steal your data.

Does your hard drive have an AI chip in it? Amber X allows you to backup your photos in a seamless method, offering an app to organize your photo backups. It's integrated AI chip allows you to easily organize your photo library on the private cloud. For instance, you can organize through facial recognition of a child's face, or a location. What's more, Amber X is OS independent, allowing iOS, Windows, and Android users to store photos all in the same way, in an incredibly organized fashion.

Lastly, running out of space on your external drive? Well, it's not easy to add space onto an existing hard drive, you'll just have to get another and hope that you can organize the data on all your hard drives to know what files are where. Amber X makes this process way easier. Simply add on another hard drive or NAS via a USB connection. Amber grows with you and your needs!

Did I mention Amber X runs home automation and a Plex server? Let's see your hard drive do that!

Never worry about dropping your hard drive again, and save space in your bag by grabbing an Amber and leaving it home. Check out Amber X now!