The Private Cloud Server for Work and Home.

Store your data locally and access it from anywhere with this smart personal cloud device. Do even more with a wide selection of third-party apps.

Hosting Your Own Cloud Made Easy.

AmberPRO gives you the power of the cloud without the headaches. It allows you to securely backup, access, and share your data without a subscription. It is unlike anything else with built-in WiFi routing and third-party app support available via Docker.
AmberPRO is packed with features, but without the complexity and cost of doing it yourself.
Tech Specs
The powerful Amber iX app for mobile and desktop brings powerful cloud capabilities wherever you are.
AmberPRO let's you spend your time being productive and enjoying life, not reading technical manuals.
Cast your media at home and stream on the road with ease using AmberPRO
AmberPRO offers the capabilities of cloud storage services but also offers complete control of your data and no costly subscriptions.
You are free to do away with extra networking hardware with the powerful AC2600 WiFi router built right into AmberPRO.
Unlike many Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices, you don't need to be an IT expert to configure and use AmberPRO.

Dual Drive Protection

AmberPRO keeps your data safe and accessible by storing a complete copy of all your files on a second redundant drive. That's why a 2TB device comes with two 2TB drives. Should one drive fail, AmberPRO will continue to operate until the bad drive is replaced with a new one. This redundant protection, called RAID 1, in addition to regular backups, keeps you operational and your data safe. AmberPRO makes this process easy.

More than Storage

With our App Store and the ability to load any app using Docker, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few of those possibilities:

Home Assistant

A central control system for smart home devices.


A free and open source media player application.


The self-hosted productivity platform that keeps you in control.


Open source CRM and ERP software for businesses.


Organize and stream video, music, and photos to any device.


Roon Core manages all your music files and streaming content.


A continuous file synchronization program.


Create and share your own website with WordPress.
Note: Many third-party apps require a URL accessible outside your home/office network. Read below for details about this enhanced capability.

Optional Enhancements

While all core capabilities are available without subscription, these AmberPRO exclusive enhancements are available for those power users that want a little more:


Make third-party and custom Docker apps accessible with a public URL. This is possible without tinkering with your network and with maximum security.


Enable trusted administrators to access your device remotely to provide tech support with restrictions over what they can access and a full audit log.

Enjoy All Amber iX Features

Through the powerful Amber iX app, both Amber X and AmberPRO include the following capabilities to get more done, simplify life, and enjoy memories.

AmberPRO Sets You Free.

Simple Setup

Guided setup makes it easy to get going and makes running your private cloud painless.

Any Device

Switch between Android/iOS or Windows/macOS all you want. Your data comes with you.

Subscription Free

All current Amber iX features are available without a subscription. Save every month.

Complete Privacy

Always know where your data is and who has access. Encryption adds even more protection.

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