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AmberPRO is used by professionals and families around the world to gather, protect, and share their most important data. See what people and the media have to say about this powerful and easy-to-use device.
Dad Does
Kiril Peyanski
Stefan Warecka

Awesome All in One Unit

Works great! Alert notification is a plus! Easy setup and very quiet.

User friendly easy to set up, you don't need to be an IT Tech to setup this, just need to be able to read and comprehend English. The walk through is very simple to follow. Had mine up and functioning in less than 15 minutes. Moved all my movie and photos to Amber, casting to my TV was amazing.
Alan J. Pierce

Back up your smartphone camera roll without using a cloud storage provider

Amber allows you to back up your smartphone camera roll without using a cloud storage provider. This process takes place while Amber sits safely in your home or office. Wherever you have an internet connection, backup will automatically take place. Once your files are backed up you can remove them from your smartphone and still view them on your phone using the [Amber iX] app.

The media are impressed too.

"Amber is fascinating... I need this!"
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"Amber brings the Cloud back to earth."
"It's the perfect time for this product."
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"Total Control Over Your Data."
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"Private data storage of your personal digital life."
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"Ensure personal data remains under lock and key..."
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"With Amber, memories are secured without having to grant access to third-parties."
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