Setup Made Simple.

Avoid the headache of complex solutions and compromising clouds
when all you need is one secure platform.

Download Amber Manager App. Plug In, Power On, Connect Amber WiFi.

Download Amber LiFE App. Setup Secure Cloud Account. Access Data on the Go.

Backup and Sync Data. Invite Friends & Family to Share Digital Memories.

The Easiest Way to Protect, Store
& Stream Your Digital Memories

Faster, more secure storage for all your digital files, photos, videos – online & offline. Powered by a Personal Hybrid Cloud, AI Enabled Software and Intel® Dual-Core 64-Bit Processing - protecting your data has never been easier.

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Storage Made Smart

Never worry about where your data is again! Your most precious memories are stored directly on Amber and accessible via your own private, personal hybrid cloud. Which means you now have the ability to create your own mini datacenter in your home (or office). Now that’s Smart Data Storage.

Easy & Secure Access

Need to access data while your're on the go? Amber allows you to effortlessly access files from your own secure private cloud from anywhere in the world. With Amber you control your data and who you share it with.

Automatic Backup

Never struggle with backing up your favorite photos, videos and important documents from your Smartphone, Tablet and Desktop - again! With the Amber LiFE App you can easily backup and sync all your digital data across all your devices. Yes, that means MacOS, Windows, iOS & Android. Pretty cool, right!

Blazing Fast WiFi

Amber features a built-in AC2600 router to maximize wifi speeds across every inch of your home, which means you can download Oceans 8 in less than 15 seconds (and stream to your TV directly from Amber). Already have a cool WiFi router? No problem! You can set up Amber in bridge mode to complement and enhance your existing WiFi setup.

Whole Home Entertainment

Thought Amber was just storage? Think again! Amber provides easy home entertainment as a multimedia server that allows you to stream / cast videos, photos & music — effortlessly — via built-in HDMI and supports both DLNA and UPnP protocols.

The Cloud that Protects Your Data.
Not Sells It.

Access anything from anywhere securely - and enjoy the privacy and performance of local storage with the convenience of global connectivity and sharing of the cloud.

Unlike any public cloud services, Amber’s cloud service is hosted on Amber servers, NOT on a publicly available commercial platform, ensuring your most valuable files and memories are always private and protected.

Access anything from anywhere - securely. Unlike any public cloud services, Amber’s cloud service is hosted on Amber servers, NOT on a publicly available commercial platform, ensuring your most valuable files and memories are always private and protected.

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The Features You Want
With the Privacy + Control You Deserve

AI-Powered Facial Indexing

Amber indexes your videos and photos with facial recognition technology – making it simple to search and replay your most enjoyable memories.

Camera Roll Backup

Capture life without worrying about the storage limits on your mobile device. With auto backup, memories can be retrieved even if they have been deleted from your device.

TV Casting

Whether you are home or across the world – you can now stream photos or videos from Amber directly to the big screen for your loved ones to see.

Buffer-Free Streaming

Smoothly stream videos to your mobile device, even with a low-bandwidth connection.

File Sharing

Easily share files and access from your Desktop or Mobile devices - you can also receive files from people who don’t have Amber.

Multi User Support

Amber supports multiple user accounts – you can store data in your own private folder or in common family folders.

Amber Smart Storage

The first all-in-one smart storage platform featuring: Intel® CPU, AI-Powered Multimedia Storage, 2 X HDDs (RAID 1), HDMI Output, Wi-Fi Router, Media Server + Personal Hybrid Cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is this different than a NAS?

Amber is built for convenience and privacy. Other solutions involve complex setups and can rely on third-party public clouds, so you never really know who has control or access to your data. Remote access can be difficult or limited. When you store your digital life in Amber – your data is yours and yours alone. Always accessible and protected.

Compare to other storage solutions

Can the Amber HDD's be replaced / upgraded?

Yes. Amber is powered by Dual 2.5 inch SATA HDD (RAID1). These can be easily replaced and/or upgraded by the user with compatible sized HDDs.

Why Amber?

In nature, anything that is stored in "amber" is protected forever. Finally, there's a technological equivalent to preserve all things digital. Securely store and share your most precious photos, data, and other files with Amber - your modern day time capsule.

How does Amber keep personal data safe?

Your personal data is saved on your own Amber device, not a vulnerable public cloud. All data moving in and out of your Amber device is encrypted with secondary protection provided in your Personal Hybrid Cloud.

Can’t I do this with an external hard drive and the cloud already?

DIY solutions may require complex setups and can rely on multiple devices and integrating software + your data can be exposed to third party public clouds - which is no bueno. Amber is an all-in-one platform that is built for convenience, privacy and security. We unify your data across clouds and devices - making it simple to control and protect your digital life.

How do I manage and connect to Amber?

Control is made simple with the Amber LiFE companion app, available on both: iOS & Android. You can effortlessly share your files, photos, videos, music, and memories from anywhere.

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Always Limited/Sometimes Amber External HDD NAS / Private Cloud Public Cloud Storage
High-Speed Wi-Fi Router
Subscription Free Data Control for 1TB+
AI-Powered Facial Indexing + Search
Auto Redundant Backup on Mobile + Desktop
In-Home Media Casting + Remote Streaming
In-Home & Remote File Access + Sharing
Encrypted In-Home Data Storage
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You can choose to cancel your monthly installment of Amber anytime after the 6-Month Minimum Commitment by returning the Amber unit + $50 restocking fee. If you would like to keep Amber, simply pay the difference between $599 (Financed Value) less the payments made, before the end of the first 12-months.