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Securing digital memories, protecting your personal privacy, and sharing life's most precious moments has never been easier. Introducing Amber. Your Personal Hybrid Cloud Storage Platform.


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No Subscriptions. No Image Downsizing. Ultimate Data Privacy.

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Amber automatically gathers photos, videos, music, and documents from your household devices. It stores them securely in one place so you always know where to find them.

One less thing to worry about when your phone takes a plunge.

Stream + Share

Stream your media in high-definition at home or on-the-go using the LiFE app for Android, iOS, MacOS, and Windows. Easily share memories stored in Amber with the family and friends you choose.

No need to convince Dad to switch from his favorite device.

Backup + Access Anywhere

Enjoy knowing your memories are secure without granting access to third-parties. With a personal hybrid cloud powered by Amber your photos, videos, music and documents are yours alone to access conveniently anywhere in the world.

All the benefits of the cloud, none of the snooping.

+ Cover Your Home in High-Speed Wi-Fi

Amber maximizes Wi-Fi speeds to every inch of your home. With a built in AC2600 Router, we support MU-MIMO and beam-forming technology so everyone at home can enjoy smooth video streaming and seamless data access.

Amber is a total privacy and storage platform - Not just a piece of the puzzle

"Amber changes everything. We no longer need to sacrifice ownership of our data for the convenience we've come to expect from the cloud."

Jason K., Beta tester



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