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Award-Winning Smart Storage

Amber X

Amber X enables users to bring their data home with 500 GB of high speed storage, a fast USB 3.1 expansion port, and all the benefits of the cloud without any subscription required. Honoree at the 2021 CES Innovation Awards.
Award-Winning Simplicity - Create Your Own Personal Cloud with Ease.
Protect Your Memories - Backup Your Camera Roll and Free Up Storage
Find Files Quickly - Organize Images and Remove Duplicates with A.I.
Enjoy Media Anywhere - Access Your Videos and Music at Home and On-the-Go.
Say Goodbye to Limits - Expand Capacity and Make Existing Dumb USB Drives Smarter.
Control Your Data - Remotely Access and Share Files on Your Terms.
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Inside Amber X

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"Amber ensures personal data remains under lock and key."
"Four products...that you only have to pay for once."
"With Amber, [privacy is] never a concern."
"Amber brings the cloud back to Earth!"


Amber X
USB Storage
Public Cloud
High Speed WiFi Router
App Store w/Docker Support
RAID Disk Protection
Subscription Free
Absolutely Private: No Data Mining
Automatic Camera Roll Backup
Automatic PC Folder Backup
In-home and remote file access
Sharing to anyone, anywhere
Smart Photo Organization
AI-Powered Face + Object Recognition
Duplicate Photo Management
Media casting and remote streaming
Multi-User / Multi-Device
USB Storage Expansion
Integrated SD Card Reader

Questions and Answers

What is Amber X?
An easy to use Smart Personal Cloud that brings the best of Google Photos, Dropbox and Apple TV into a single platform that protects your data and privacy.
Who is Amber X for?
Anyone who wants to streamline how they backup their digital life, access their content, protect their data from prying eyes, and free themselves from subscriptions. Saving time, hassle, and money.
How is Amber X Different?
Amber isn’t another pain in the NAS. Amber X was built for plug and play simplicity to backup, protect, and securely access all your digital content, files, and media from a single platform—while giving you full control to share with friends, family, or clients, or colleagues. Although it has powerful features, it is NOT intended as a replacement server for complex network configurations and management.

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