Amber X

Your Privacy-First Smart Personal Cloud

Store your data locally and access it from anywhere with this smart personal cloud device.

X Marks the Spot.
Where Your Data Lives.

Amber X is a true Personal Cloud Device that gives you complete control over your data and who sees it. Free yourself from third-party storage networks and monthly storage subscriptions and use one secure hub for all your photos, videos, and files.
Amber X
Amber X is built to be fast with a USB 3.1 expansion port, solid state drive (SSD) and 6-core processor.
Tech Specs
Backup your camera media automatically and enjoy all the benefits of Amber X from anywhere using the iX mobile app.
Backup and share your media faster by importing it straight into Amber X using the built-in SD Card reader.
Synchronize and backup folders on your macOS or Windows desktop devices using the powerful Amber iX desktop app.
Amber X supports most media formats and ensures you get a smooth stream on almost any network connection.

Amber X at Home

Instead of your favorite media and memories being lost or forgotten on various devices and drives, Amber X brings them together in one place and makes them easy to re-experience with family and friends. Amber X is fast, backing up your mobile devices at the full speed of your home network and streaming them smoothly.

Amber X on the Road

While your files are stored safely at home, you have access to them from practically anywhere. That means you can free up storage on your mobile device and securely share files with others too. Want to stream your media? With smart re-encoding, you can still enjoy videos even without the best network speeds.

Amber X at Work

Photographers and creative professionals like Amber X because it gives them cloud convenience without images being compressed. They can also upload files directly via the SD card reader. Other business professionals love file backup and sharing without subscriptions and without worrying about data caps.
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Enjoy All Amber iX Features

Through the powerful Amber iX app, both Amber X and AmberPRO include the following capabilities to get more done, simplify life, and enjoy memories.

One-Click Plex and Home Assistant Installation

Unlock the power of your Amber X device to host your own video library streaming service and/or home automation hub. Installing and running Plex and Home Assistant has never been easier.

Amber X Sets You Free.

Simple Setup

Guided setup makes it easy to get going and makes running your private cloud painless.

Any Device

Switch between Android/iOS or Windows/macOS all you want. Your data comes with you.

Subscription Free

All current Amber iX features are available without a subscription. Save every month.

Complete Privacy

Always know where your data is and who has access. Encryption adds even more protection.

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