Here at the Amber home base, we love seeing reviews of our products out in the wild! YouTuber Roberto Jorge Tech sees a lot of new tech come his way and always has opinions of how useful those products are. And Roberto definitely knows his tech- he gets into the finest details of NAS, routers, processors, cameras... even into Docker and AI applications.

Roberto Jorge Tech reviews the Amber Pro

As a result of that, we love that Roberto gets into the nitty gritty of what Amber Pro offers! He especially loved the ease of installing Docker apps and configuring them, as well as the integrated router and HDMI port. Can't see the video in this post? Click here to check it out!

The Amber Pro is the perfect solution for power users who want a huge array of expandability at home, as well as small to medium sized businesses who want a private cloud solution that offers services like an integrated CMS solution and WordPress website hosting. Check it out here today!