We think Amber X is an incredible "must-buy" accessory for anyone going to college. The best part about it? You don't have to bring it with you....

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Amber X replaces your iCloud subscription, Google Drive subscription, Dropbox subscription and more. It's a tiny device that has a large hard drive and acts as it's own cloud service- meaning you can access it anywhere you have an internet connection. Store your photos, videos, documents, and even full computer backups automatically, without having to actually do anything! You can even share files with others, just like those other services. Have a paper you want to share in a group collaboration? Easy as pie!

So why is it perfect for college? If you have a student going into college, you know that they don't want to be hassled or worried by constant subscription fees- especially when they are in the middle of studying for a final or writing a big paper. Amber eliminates the need for any subscription fees, so it's a huge savings over the lifetime of school (and beyond) for a financially conscious student that has to keep an eye on their bank account.

Finally, never have to worry about your Amber X, because you can keep it at your parent's house instead of your dorm room! Parents have a solid internet connection? Your Amber X can be stored at their house and you can access it like any other cloud service, whenever you want. Never worry about your Amber or data getting stolen when you host your next dorm room party, because it won't be physically on site! Just set it up and then forget it at the secure location of your choice. Amber X makes no noise, so it'll never get noticed!

There you have it, the best kind of gift for your student and an investment they'll love!