LatticeWork Inc, a pioneer in the AI and edge computing space, is attending InnoVEX Taiwan to present its groundbreaking AI-enabled devices including Amber X and Amber OS on IPC devices for the security sector. Amber by LatticeWork makes powerful technology practical for individuals, families, businesses, and governments. Amber's AI technology is revolutionizing the areas of security, protection, edge computing, cloud storage, and privacy.

The Challenge of Data Accessibility and Privacy

The cloud has made our data more accessible and simplified our lives. Unfortunately, this convenience typically comes at a cost: entrusting our information and control to businesses we may not fully trust, as well as recurring monthly fees.

Amber X and Amber Pro: Your Personal Cloud Solution

Amber X is a private cloud solution that allows individuals and small families to take back control of their data. With powerful backup, streaming, and sharing capabilities, Amber X provides an affordable and subscription-free alternative to traditional cloud services.

Freedom without Compromising Security

By hosting their own cloud for home or work, Amber X users are free from being locked into services provided by large corporations. This not only eliminates growing subscription fees but also ensures the security and privacy of their data.

Amber PRO is a more advanced NAS designed for large families and professionals who require additional storage and the ability to run powerful third-party apps on their private cloud using Docker. Amber PRO offers the same benefits as Amber X, along with enhanced features like a built-in router and redundant storage backup, for a more comprehensive cloud experience.

AI Applications in Security and Beyond

Amber's AI technology enables advanced surveillance features, such as facial recognition and license plate recognition. By leveraging the power of AI, Amber provides a more effective and efficient security solution for users.  In addition to security, Amber's AI can also be applied to industries like healthcare, retail, and transportation. 

For example, Amber's AI technology can be utilized in healthcare settings for applications such as medical fall detection, patient monitoring, and diagnostics. In elderly care, Amber's AI can assist in monitoring residents' activities and detecting potential health issues.

Amber's edge-computing capabilities allow AI processing to occur instantly, where data is collected. This real-time AI processing enhances the accuracy and responsiveness of Amber's security features, ensuring a higher level of protection for users.

Privacy and Protection with Amber is Central to LatticeWork’s Mission

Privacy is not just a feature of the Amber products – it is central to the company's technology and mission. Amber is dedicated to helping users regain control of their data and ensuring that their information remains secure and private.  Customers should have a choice when it comes to their data, and Amber is providing that power to it’s users.

Visit LatticeWork at InnoVEX Taiwan

Experience the power of Amber's AI technology firsthand by visiting Booth Q0117 at InnoVEX during this year's COMPUTEX show. Discover how Amber can help you regain control of your data and unlock the potential of AI anywhere.