Get ready to primp up those dorm room accessories! You'll need bedding, a mini fridge, a speaker for your tunes, a computer ... and a way to store all of your digital data. That's why an Amber X is the perfect accessory for your student life!

The best part about having an Amber X? It can stay far away from your dorm so it'll never be stolen or threatened with a knocked over soda can. You can keep it at your parent's house and access it from over the internet with ease.

if you run out of space on your phone or computer, just back up files to your Amber and free up space. Have a ton of photos on your phone? Back them up automatically without even having to do anything. Run out of space on your Amber? Add a USB hard drive to add on space and never worry about storage limits.

Even back up your computer using the built-in Time Machine function. The best way to backup your Mac and keep your files organized.

And the best part about having an Amber X is never having to deal with subscription fees from cloud companies ever again. It's like giving your student a cloud subscription forever that they can grow with, and they'll never have to worry about fees during studying ever again.

Who knew the perfect dorm room gift didn't even have to show up in the dorm? Check out the Amber X today!