Latticework Inc. (the “Company”, “we”, “us”) provides data storage products (the “Product”), software applications running on Apple macOS, Microsoft Windows, Apple iOS, and Google Android devices (the “Application”), and related cloud services, including cloud data storage and cloud connectivity services associated with the Products and Applications (as the “Service”). 

This Privacy Policy shall be reviewed, updated, and released periodically, and shall notify our customers and announce on our website. 

Information That You May Provide When You Use Our Service 

Email Address for Service Account 

The email address you provide is for us to create a service account for you to access the Product, Application, and Service. Your email information will be saved in our system securely. We may use this email address for notification or customer relationship purposes. You can contact us to change your contact preference or opt-out. 

We do NOT share your email address with any other parties. 

Service Account Password 

The password you set for the service account is all hash protected. Password policy is in place to help you to ensure your password strength. 

Service Account Profile 

Once you create a service account, it comes with a personal profile information page that allows you to add your name, nickname, mobile number, personal email, language preference, etc. The data you provided on this page are all optional. 

This data is ONLY for your use of the Service Account. 

We do NOT use them for any other purpose, NOR share this data with any other parties. 

Information That You May Provide When You Make a Purchase 

Credit Card Information 

The credit card information that you may provide when you purchase the Product is handled by our payment service providers such as Amazon, eBay, and Shopify. We redirect the payment process to the payment service provider and receive the payment authorized confirmation of your purchase order. All our payment service providers shall comply with The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements. 

Latticework Inc. does NOT have access to your credit card information. 

Shipping Information 

The Shipping Information you provided to allow us to ship the Product to you when you purchase the Product, such as your name, shipping address, contact phone number, is all well protected and secured. 

We do NOT use them for any other purpose, NOR share this data with any other parties. 

Information We May Use for Service Stability Purpose 

Product System Information 

To ensure reliable status among the Product and Application, the Product needs to maintain network communication with the Service constantly. Some system information from the Product might be used by the Service such as the serial number, OS version, hardware information, hard drive status and the associated service account email address. 

NO user data will be read or transferred on checking the product system information. 

Information for Connectivity of Services 

To provide reliable connectivity between Product and Application, the Product monitors minimum network connection status related to the stability of the Service we provide to you. The Service may use some network information such as IP addresses for the Service features to be functional. 

NO user data will be monitored or transferred on monitoring connectivity of services. 

Information We May Use for Technical Support Purpose 

Service and Product Related Logs 

For technical support, the Product maintains necessary logs. When you request our technical assistance, the “request of log access” will be sent to you through the Application for your approval. Once approved, the Product then will send product diagnostic logs from the Product to us. 

We do NOT access any logs from the Product without your approval. 

Data Protection for the Use of The Product 

User Storage Volume 

Providing you with highly secured and protected storage is our goal and highest priority. Volume encryption feature secures your storage with strong encryption protection. By turning on this encryption feature, the passcode you set is THE ONLY KEY to read your data on the encrypted storage volume, which gives you peace of mind when you use this Product. 

Data Transfer and Sharing 

While you use this Product to backup, transfer or share any digital files with anyone through Applications and Service, all your data are well protected and encrypted during data transfer. 

Product Website 

See Website Privacy Policy

Updated: 09 September 2022

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