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The Benefits of a Digital Life Platform
With the focus on Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including the advent of virtual assistant devices such as Siri and Alexa, consumers are becoming more accustomed to using various platforms that help them work and live. These devices and their underlying services are called digital life platforms,...
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3 Ways Your Data is Being Used Against You -- And What to Do About It
No one wants to be thought of as just a number. However, in this digital age, many of us now know that our online habits and personalities amount to just a numbered account or entry on Facebook’s servers. In return for sharing this information about us, we receive personalized products and service...
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Top Ways to Store Your Digital Files
Older generations know that their memories can be found in photo albums or slides. These folks may have made home movies on a reel to reel, VHS tapes and possibly even a DVD.  Even cavemen knew that storage is vital for remembering. Hence, we find their carvings on walls all over the world. People ...
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What is a Personal Hybrid Cloud?
Whether you were born into it, like the “Gen Z” digital natives, or had to adapt to it later in life, the new reality is that most of us live a digital lifestyle. For the most part, the migration to a digital lifestyle has been a positive development. A recent study by the Pew Research […...
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Meet the Tech Icon behind Marvell - Up Next Helping Consumers Protect their Digital Privacy
Dr. Pantas Sutardja is a tech icon, storage pioneer, and philanthropist . He’s co-founder of storage and semiconductor innovator, Marvell Technology Group. And, Dr. Sutardja just launched Latticework, Inc. from stealth mode. His cloud-edge solutions tackle storage and bandwidth issues related to s...
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