The Amber team is excited about their experience at CES 2023. This year we hosted a booth at Showstoppers, a 3-hour event catered to tech journalists. The response was overwhelmingly positive, with over 50 journalists stopping and talking with Gino Shiau, Wesley Li, and our founder/CEO Dr. Pantas Sutardja.

Journalists came to learn about our mission to free individuals, families, and small-businesses from the big-tech cloud monopoly. Cloud convenience no longer has to come with a subscription or at the expense of digital privacy, ownership, and autonomy. Amber X and AmberPRO make digital freedom possible for anyone. Get a glimpse inside the event by watching this video interview by Chris Voss:

We're grateful for the organizers of CES and Showstoppers. We're also thankful for those who stopped by our booth and our new friends from around the world. Journalist or not, you can become part of the story of individuals regaining their digital sovereignty. Please spread the word about Amber and help others enjoy their own private cloud.