Videos scattered across multiple smart devices, images stored on countless clouds, data leaks in social networks: Gigabytes upon gigabytes of our life are exposed across a digital universe. Organizing our memories has been nearly impossible – until now. Amber, by LatticeWork, helps to solve these issues with its innovative All-in-One Smart Storage solution, that helps you Bring Your Data Home. Amber proved how it is redefining a new way to store, protect and share your digital life on the IFA show floor in Berlin, Germany – by showcasing its innovative technology to 100’s of journalists, distributors, resellers, and technology partners.

Amber combines powerful features that include: Intelligent Storage with on-device Facial Recognition Technology, High Speed WiFi Router and the world’s first Personal Hybrid Cloud – providing modern families with an easy to use media solution to preserve, share, cast and stream their digital memories – without compromising privacy. Following its European debut at IFA, Amber will officially launch in Germany, France, and the United Kingdom – later this fall, with EU pricing to be announced in the coming weeks.

Amber is the brainchild of Dr. Pantas Sutardja, former CTO + Co-Founder of semiconductor giant Marvell Technology Group. Unlike legacy storage devices, Amber does not utilize any third-party public cloud services, rather it is powered by a proprietary cloud service, built by LatticeWork, to protect the integrity and digital privacy of its users. With industry-leading security, encryption, cloud-accessibility, and an effortless user experience, the Amber platform provides enterprise-grade technology for the everyday consumer.

Bring Your Data Home

It’s time to take back control of your Digital Life. “There is simply too much personal information stored in public clouds, beyond the control of its owners,” said Dr. Pantas Sutardja, founder and CEO of LatticeWork. “With Amber, we set out to build a platform that makes data privacy easy for everyone - not just the tech-savvy - without compromising convenience by giving our users cloud-like accessibility through our unique Personal Hybrid Cloud architecture.”

Built for connected lifestyles, and as a Red Dot Design award-winning platform, Amber is the perfect solution to preserve your digital memories from one generation to the next. “Anything in nature that is captured in amber is preserved forever. Our Amber is your modern-day, digital time machine”, says Carlos Rodriguez, CMO of LatticeWork.

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