Introducing Amber X:

The Most Secure Smart Personal Cloud Device Ever

Backup important photos, videos and digital documents
Keep hackers & BIG TECH AWAY from your data
Access your content from anywhere in the world
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How It Works

Amber X connects to your home WiFi network to create a Smart Personal Cloud. Intelligently backup, sync and organize your data.

A built-in 500GB SSD provides high-speed storage right out of the box. The best part, no one can see your data - not even the Amber team.
Download the mobile and desktop apps to connect to your Amber X.
Backup files over WiFi and physically attach your USB storage and SD card.
Securely access and share your files from anywhere in the world.

Own Your Own Data

Keep big tech companies, hackers, and bots away from your personal data.

Cloud storage services have a long history of security breaches and violations of privacy. With Amber X, only the people you want to access your data.

Encryption + Advanced Privacy

Amber X is the most secure storage and backup system available. 

Your locally stored files are accessible only to those you give specific access to and transmitted with advanced encryption and security protocols.
Subscription Free

$0 Per Month

Most cloud storage companies offer a minimal amount of free space then charge fees for additional monthly storage.

Amber X comes with 500GB of built-in storage with limitless expansion capabilities with zero required subscription for monthly or yearly fees.

Auto Camera Roll Backup

The Amber X companion app features automatic camera roll backup for any smart device. 

Even if your phone is stolen, misplaced, or breaks you'll never lose your photos again!

Upload, Share, or Access Your Content from Anywhere

While all your files are securely stored locally on your Amber X, they are accessible to you via AmberCloud from anywhere in the world.

Share Files With Chosen Contacts

You can create safe collaborative spaces by inviting users to shared files through the Amber iX app.

Amber X gives you the Freedom to Own Your Data and the flexibilitiy to share on your terms with permission based settings. Keep your private data private or share with those you choose.

Never Run Out of Storage

Built to expand with your needs. The internal 500GB SSD provides you high-speed storage out of the box. Easily connect any USB drive for limitless possibilities

Plug In, Sync Your Files, Access From Anywhere... That's It.

Amber X is incredibly easy to use and with the guided walk-through in the Amber iX App, setup is super simple.
Plug Amber X into your internet or connect via WiFi.
Download the Amber iX app for iOS or Android.
Easily backup and sync your content
Access your content privately from any device, anywhere
Amber X
USB Storage
Public Cloud
Freedom to Store Locally + Acccess Remotely
Easy Sharing
Secure Multi User Backup + Collaboration
Advanced Personal Security + Privacy
Auto Camera Roll Backup
Full Resolution Backup, Sync and NO Monthly Fees
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Get started creating your own personal cloud.
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