Unlock Memories

The Future of Intelligent Video + Photo Storage is Here.

認識 Amber

超越儲存, A Smarter Way to Connect

Never Lose an Important Memory

Automatically gather and protect files from all your devices. Find photos instantly with face recognition.

Effortlessly Access and Share

Regain complete control over who can access your files remotely. Share memories with ease.

Replay Life with Perfect Clarity

Enjoy your videos and photos at the highest possible quality on your devices and televisions.

Boost Your In-Home WiFi Speed

Speed up backups, and everything else you do wirelessly, with Amber's powerful WiFi router

Features for Your Connected Lifestyle

4K電視投放 + 智慧影音串流
自動備份 + 支援多裝置同步檔案
All-in-One 一體式設計+快速簡易設定
支援多用戶 + 支援多帳戶
安全地分享文件 + 存取權限管理
文件 + 資料夾版本備份和還原

All-in-One 一體式設計

"The Cloud Comes Down to Earth"

"Amber is your one-stop solution when it comes to protecting and sharing your files."

"Amber Offers Total Control Over Your Data"

"Amber ensures personal data remains under lock and key"


隨您的喜好來備份所有資料。開始輕鬆地保護,連結和分享您的生活。 無月費,不縮小照片尺寸,完整的保護數據隱​​私。

擁有 Amber,

$ 17,999 起

One-time Payment


Storing is Boring. Sharing is Caring.

進一步了解 Amber 了解更多應用程式
Always Limited/Sometimes Amber External HDD NAS / Private Cloud Public Cloud Storage
High-Speed Wi-Fi Router
Subscription Free Data Control for 1TB+
AI-Powered Facial Indexing + Search
Auto Redundant Backup on Mobile + Desktop
In-Home Media Casting + Remote Streaming
In-Home & Remote File Access + Sharing
Encrypted In-Home Data Storage

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