A Major Shift

The global crisis with COVID-19 has disrupted normal work patterns, modes of communication and team dynamics - forcing a major shift to online collaboration. As a result, almost every business, school, and organization have abruptly implemented work from home and remote solutions. Unfortunately, with the unexpected rate at which government shutdown orders were mandated globally, many did not have sufficient time to find proper solutions to keep them connected and their data secure. 

Privacy Rules

To make matters worse, during this extraordinary crisis many governments have been willing to overlook privacy implications and data protection privacy laws. Businesses have also used the pandemic to seek a delay in privacy rules, like CCPA. California Attorney General Xavier Becerra was urged by Trade Groups to delay enforcement of the state’s new privacy law for six months due to COVID-19. 

So what does this mean for you? 

Online collaboration tools, like Zoom have come under fire for shady privacy policies. In a 48-hour period, reports surfaced that Zoom leaked thousands of email addresses to strangers. Compounding these security woes, the Windows version of Zoom is reportedly vulnerable to attackers who could send malicious links to users' chat interfaces and gain access to their email passwords. The good news? You have options! 

How to Stay Secure

When it comes to virtual collaboration and data privacy Nextcloud is hard to beat. Apps like Nextcloud Talk have received praise from international agencies for its approach to privacy! We are happy to announce that Amber now supports Nextcloud - via Docker integration. 

Amber, by LatticeWork, offers a self-hosted solution – eliminating major risks for users who no longer have to compromise between convenience and privacy. As an Edge Computing Platform, Amber can run the Nextcloud container, which includes the privacy-friendly Nextcloud Talk. A perfect solution for all companies, organizations, government institutions, and schools - during the macro trend towards remote work and collaboration. 

Take Control

More than just a container, Amber is a Smart Storage Platform that allows you to keep all your data in a physical location while allowing remote access via our Personal Hybrid Cloud - putting you in full control of your data from anywhere. 

Modern public cloud services store your data in multiple locations across multiple countries. Begging the question, who owns your data? 

Amber eliminates the ambiguity and helps you Bring Your Data Home™. 

Nextcloud on phone next to Amber device

Why Amber?

We are proud to offer Nextcloud integration for Amber to all companies, schools, and institutions, where convenience, privacy and collaboration are key to success. Key features of Nextcloud on Amber include: 

  • Share content + files easily
  • Audio + video chat via mobile app
  • Real time collaboration + edit for office documents
  • Simple browser interface + mobile apps
  • Create automated workflows
  • Privacy by design

Amber adds a layer of additional functionality and security: 

  • Data secured with File Access Control, multi-layered encryption, authentication protection and ransomware recovery
  • Integration with existing file storage systems such as FTP, Windows Network Drive, NFS, Samba and more
  • Easy file sharing across the Amber Cloud user base + beyond the Nextcloud user domain

To learn more about Amber and get a demo of Nextcloud, please visit: www.myamberlife.com/soho and fill out the contact form. Our team will be in touch! 

Work safe!

Carlos Rodriguez
Chief Marketing Officer