A smarter way to connect your life.

Amber puts privacy and control back into your hands. A lifetime of photos, videos and digital files organized locally, accessible from anywhere and always protected.

Amber device

Totally protected.

A personal cloud built just for you. With end-to-end encryption, you can easily backup all your household digital devices on Amber and share with who you want from wherever you are.



Built for stronger connections.

Amber features a powerful built-in WiFi router to easily backup, stream and cast your data. Industry leading encryption, parental control and guest network configuration help protect your Connected Life.

Super smart.

Coupled with on-device AI our Intel CPU provides the horsepower to process and organize all your data in real-time. This means your data always stays with you. Not sent off to someone else's cloud.


AI-Powered Data

So Nice. We Save it Twice.

Amber features Dual HDDs with mirrored storage to reduce the risk of data loss. Our intelligent software provides early fault detection and will alert you with any abnormal device behaviour. With features like file versioning, data-at-rest encryption and secure data transfer. Your data is always protected.

Dual HDD


When we say Smart. We mean it.

This is just the beginning. With software versions that upgrade automatically, Amber will only get better over time.

Imagine the possibilities.

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Terms & Conditions

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Terms & Conditions: Amber Installment Payments

  • Cancel Anytime within the first 30-Days (Risk Free)
  • 6-Month Minimum Commitment thereafter
  • 24-Month Term (unit belongs to user after this period)
  • Extended Warranty Coverage During 24-Month Period
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Available in Certain Regions Only
You can choose to cancel your monthly installment of Amber anytime after the 6-Month Minimum Commitment by returning the Amber unit + $50 restocking fee. If you would like to keep Amber, simply pay the difference between $599 (Financed Value) less the payments made, before the end of the first 12-months.