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Save Money On Your Next New Phone Purchase
If you are one of those people that always needs the latest and greatest, there is an easy way to save money on that purchase....
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Review- The Amber X: An Intuitive Leap into Personal Cloud Storage
Dale Meredith, of Dale Dumbs IT Down, got his hands on an Amber X and wrote a great review highlighting all of the features and benefits of using our device. He concludes that the Amber X is a reliable Google Photos and cloud alternative that is worth pursuing. If you’ve been pondering, “Is Goog...
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AndroidGuys Give a Solid Review of Amber X!
AndroidGuys is a website and podcast that has been reviewing technology since 2007, so they have seen their fair share of gadgets land on their desk. Here, they leave their thoughts about how the Amber X and Amber Pro can benefit Android users (and really any platform) to take control of your own da...
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