Amber Production Update: October 2018

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We are thrilled to share this production update and would like to thank all our early customers – we could not have gotten this far without their support! We’d also like to thank our growing community of followers. Building a brand in 2018 is not easy, but by cheering us on it makes it a lot more fun!

Our team is excited to share a quick update on the Production, Testing and Shipping of Amber and bringing the future of smart storage to reality.


We have made amazing progress with Production Validation Phase (PVT) and our first official production runs. We have produced over 200 Test Units and are working meticulously with our manufacturing partner to analyze all the performance metrics for QA / QC and working on full-line production setup and training. We are planning to release a final pilot run in the next two weeks in preparation for Mass Production. All the while, we have been progressing nicely with all the required certification testing (FCC, CE, EMI, etc.) required for shipping.

Beta & Pilot Testing:

In parallel, we initiated our Amber “Beta” Testing back in August and we are steadily ramping the number of beta testers. We’ve received a wealth of valuable feedback thus far. Lots of new features, UX improvements, and bug fixes are being made every day. We are releasing new software versions to test every 2-3 weeks for validation – with the goal of a seamless User Experience. As we make final strides towards Mass Production, we’ll swap in our pilot run hardware and complete our final round of testing before we start shipping.

Amber boxes, Oct 2018


We know this is what matters most. Even though we’ve made amazing progress, we won’t be satisfied until you get your Amber unit in your hands. Below is a breakdown of our current schedule/timeline:

Amber Production Roadmap 2018

As you can see, we’re currently on track to start shipping Amber in late-November, but there’s still a lot of real-world testing that needs to take place. That’s why we’re focusing hard on our beta program and starting pilot testing ASAP.

As we are building a brand rooted in trust and transparency, we will never charge our customers until we ship. If you have any questions please contact us directly at

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