Amber X

We are thrilled to share some very exciting news with our loyal community of backers and supporters. Since raising our $13.1M Series A and launching our flagship product, Amber, in late 2018 - we hit the drawing board to make the reality of a true Private Cloud even more accessible to mass market consumers and content creators. Meet Amber X. Coming Fall 2020.

Amber "X" Concept sketches

We’ve seen macrotrends manifest through our customers, who are generating more content than ever - especially around video. Eventually, even modern Cloud Storage systems are becoming cost prohibitive, and extremely slow, when accessing content in 4K and beyond. There is also not a good way to organize this data - which creates even more issues for creators and consumers alike to streamline how data is managed.

Beneath the surface, there is a major undertow in consumer sentiment for a return to digital privacy. There is too much dependence on tools and systems that may not have the best interests of mass market users in mind. That’s why we created Amber X: The Privacy First Personal Cloud.

Similar to services like Dropbox and Google Photos, Amber X enables you to access your personal content on any smartphone, tablet or PC - from anywhere in the world. With one major caveat: unlimited secure storage. Instead of tossing your data on someone else’s servers, with a data cap, Amber X was built to expand with your needs. The internal 500GB SSD provides you high-speed storage right out of the box. Easily connect any USB drive and expand storage capacity for limitless possibilities and secured access via our own AmberCloud service.

Amber X will give you the tools necessary to easily organize your digital life - with a focus on privacy - without the pain so you can seamlessly create content, organize it and share it. Here are some of the benefits:

  • A unified hub for all your content to live.
  • Auto camera roll backup and easily share.
  • On demand and local for speed.
  • Remote connectivity with private and secure access.
  • Collaborative and simple.
  • Connect anywhere, privately.

Launching this Fall, Amber X is the result of all the user feedback we’ve gathered since shipping our first product in 2019. With a completely revamped App, Amber X will provide users with an enhanced experience, cutting-edge speed, improved features, and world class digital security.

Amber X

We will be sharing more details about Amber X in the coming days. Sign up to our newsletter and get notified about our exclusive early bird offers or to become a Beta Tester. Learn More about Amber X here.

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