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"Amber is sleek, easy to use, and let's me control my personal data's visibility. What's not to like?"

Adam K.

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"I'm cancelling my cloud subscription services and unifying my data in one place. Amber made this extremely easy to do."

Taber D.

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"I have thousands of photos that have sat on hard drives for years. Amber is allowing me to organize and bring all my photos with me everywhere I go."

Jamie S.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Hybrid Cloud?

Amber a powerful edge computing device that is supported by a private and secure cloud platform, known as the Personal Hybrid Cloud. Unlike public or “free” cloud solutions – our true Personal Cloud provides User Identity Management and Data Routing Verification to create one of the most secure cloud environments available for consumers and small businesses. Simply put, it is the best of both worlds: Local Storage + Secure Cloud Access.

How is Amber different from a NAS?

Simple setup, no third-party public clouds, complete permission control, lossless quality, on device AI and proprietary bufferless playback from anywhere in the world. We’ve taken the basics of a NAS and created a personalized user experience – that anyone can use to backup, share and connect their digital life with the Amber Cloud Attached Storage solution.

Can Amber HDD’s be replaced/upgraded?

Yes. Amber is powered by Dual 2.5 inch SATA HDD (RAID1) for on-site redundancy and data protection. These can be easily replaced and/or upgraded with compatible sized HDDs.

How does Amber keep personal data safe?

Your personal data is saved on your own Amber device, with built-in redundancy, not hosted on a vulnerable public cloud. All data moving in and out of your Amber device is encrypted with secondary protection provided in your Personal Hybrid Cloud – for remote access and sharing.

Can’t I do this with an external hard drive and the cloud already?

Amber is more than a hard drive – it’s an AI powered brain that allows for more complex actions not possible on current hard drive only setups. With Amber you don’t have to pay costly monthly subscriptions to access your data – you own and control it.

How do I manage and connect my data to Amber?

Control is made simple with the Amber LiFE companion app, available on Desktop (macOS & Windows) and Mobile (iOS & Android), you can effortlessly sync and share your files, photos, videos, music, and memories to anyone from anywhere.

Another pain in the NAS? Think Again.

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