You understand control of your data is more important than ever. Almost every day there is another privacy breach, data leak or “free” cloud service shutting down. The convenience of cloud access and the ease of managing your digital life is important to you, as it is to us.

We are sad to hear Lima will close its doors, but we are grateful for the work the Lima team contributed towards consumer data privacy. As Lima customers, you helped pave the way for a new standard of data security. One where you choose who sees your data, and we'd like to help you safeguard your privacy moving forward.

Starting today, we will provide a $150 credit towards Amber – to cover the entire amount you paid for your Lima device.

Amber offers all the convenience of Lima with some enhancements.


  • Built-In AC2600 WiFi Router
  • On-Device Facial Indexing
  • Media Server Capabilities (Stream + Cast)
  • Personal Hybrid Cloud (Remote Access + Secure Sharing)
  • Redundant On-Site Storage (Dual HDDs)

We believe that you have the right to “Bring Your Data Home” and the experience should be easy. We've been working for the last four years to make this a reality and will continue to expand Lima's vision of a safer and more secure way to store and access your digital life.

You can reserve Amber now and we will NOT charge you until your order is ready to ship. Orders will ship in April 2019.

For more information about Amber or to redeem your credit, please visit our website at or email us: and a member of our CX team will be happy to help you.

Store Smart!

Dr. Pantas Sutardja, CEO