If you’re gift shopping for a #difficultdad who loves tech, we’ve got you covered. From the multi-faceted Amber personal hybrid cloud platform to the adorable doggie cam...


iClever Smart Plug

1. iClever Smart Plug

The iClever smart plug lets you control your electronics from your phone, using automatic timers based on various conditions – temperature, humidity, weather, sunrise and sunset – to program your lights or any device plugged into it. And it’s small enough that it won’t block the nearby plug; in fact, two iClevers fit in one socket.


 UE Wonderboom

2. UE Wonderboom

This particular Bluetooth speaker boasts a wireless range of 100 feet, double that of most others, and it’s waterproof – perfect for listening to podcasts in the shower or bringing the tunes outside on the patio! 360-degree sound and a 10-hour battery life are packed into this surprisingly small device.


HTC Waterproof Camera

3. HTC Waterproof Camera

The funky design of this camera not only looks like a cool, pocket-sized mini periscope, it has seamless controls – press once to snap a photo, or hold to record video. It will even detect grip and turn on without making the user fumble around for a power button, so dad can capture those fleeting, yet important moments without missing the action himself.


Crosstour Dashboard Camera

4. Crosstour Dashboard Camera

Forget small, ineffective dash cams of the past – the Crosstour 1080p dashboard camera has a 170-degree wide-angle lens, crystal clear video, and a decent-sized screen. The built-in G sensor actually detects collisions and ensures the resulting footage cannot be overwritten.


Furbo Dog Camera

5. Furbo Dog Camera

One more specialty camera! This one is more for the family dog, but dad will get a kick out of checking on the pup while at work or travelling. It boasts a wide-angle view and night vision for peace of mind. The Furbo dog camera also operates as a high-tech treat dispenser via the accompanying app.


Samsung NU8000 Smart LED TV

6. Samsung NU8000 Smart LED TV

Speaking of movie night, how about an upgrade to the old family TV? The Samsung NU8000 has an easy-to-use smart interface, great picture quality, and provides an excellent gaming experience with its 120Hz refresh rate and low latency mode.

(Hint: if you’re experiencing bandwidth issues while connecting to the TV, Amber is actually designed to adapt to a limited internet connection to stream seamlessly. That’s two great devices that can work together beautifully!)


Tile Sport Key Finder

7. Tile Sport Key Finder

For the forgetful dad: mainly touted as a smart key finder, this small, square keychain-like device is an “anything finder” for whatever you can manage to attach to it. Put one in a wallet and the corresponding smartphone app shows where it was last seen. Not only that, but double-tapping the Tile’s button can make the phone it’s programmed with ring – even on silent mode.


Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch

8. Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch

Put a twist on the classic gift of a watch and get dad a sleek, beautifully designed smartwatch. The hybrid smartwatch by Fossil tracks all the expected everyday accomplishments and looks stylish doing it too.


Orbit B-Hyve

9. Orbit B-Hyve

This is a must-have for green thumb dads: a faucet timer, water tracker, and leak detector all in one. Its smart watering feature uses site conditions and live weather feeds to automatically dispense the perfect amount of water for plants. Or it can be set up to fill a pool by programming a predetermined volume of water.


10. Amber Personal Hybrid Cloud & Digital Life Platform

We saved the best for last! Dads like convenience and privacy – give him both with the Amber smart storage platform, offering the world’s first Personal Hybrid Cloud, that can back up all his family photos and stream videos for movie night. And with multi-user support, the kids will benefit from this one too…

Amber is like a modern-day time capsule – or your own mini datacenter at home. The benefits speak for themselves.

For a more detailed glimpse into what makes our product so great, check out this article from when Amber was released earlier this year.